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And he continues to grow… | Pet Photography

Figured it was time to post some new photos of our 5 month old 55 lbs puppy!

  We got him about 2.5 months ago and he weighed 13 lbs.  HMMMMMMM>>>>  Oh well – we LOVE him – how couldn’t you LOVE that face?  We started training classes again at the ARL (  And we actually got 3 tickets tonight for his great behavior!  He did great.  Now just to train his parents!  The self portrait of us and Sampson was very interesting to get him to look at the camera.  We finally discovered that if we threw a toy at the camera, Sampson would actually look at least that direction.  But you can see in these photos he is mostly looking down – that is my fault.  I have horrible timing.  But thought we’d post anyway – it was fun.    



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