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Dreamer – a sweet dog… | Pet Photographer Des Moines | Red Door Photo and Design

Dreamer… such a sweet, sweet dog! She was definitely a model for all those dogs out there. This was a Christmas present for Dreamer’s owner.  We also took photos of the 2 other pets.  The cat actually stayed still for us long enough to get a few shots!  That is the 1st time EVER!  As for the Rat Terrier… hmmm… he was only interested in treats and not such much for posing.  An active little guy but we did get a few.


For those of you that have CRAZY dogs and you’re afraid (or embarrassed) to get your dog’s portrait done. Don’t let that stop you! We have our studio set up where the dog can run around upstairs for as long as they need. Then when it looks like they are starting to be more comfortable with the situation – then we session starts!

And treats come in handy too!Pet portraits are so much fun!



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