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How to Survive a Bridal Show! – Des Moines Wedding Photographer – Red Door Photo and Design

January is always the time of the year when there are a TON of Bridal Shows.  They are a great place to shop lots of vendors in one place.  But with that being said – they can also be pretty overwhelming because of all the information that you’ll receive.  We’ve done our share of Bridal Shows – so thought we’d give a few tips on the Best Way to Survive and actually ENJOY the show!

1.  Wear Comfortable Shoes – you’ll be on your feet the entire time.  Enough said.

2.  Bring someone with you – Bring a bridesmaid, your fiance or Mom to the show with you.  Your fiance may actually enjoy all the free cake samples!  It’s best of have a buddy there so that you can bump ideas off of them and also to have someone else listening to what the vendors have to say.  Don’t bring too many people with you.  With all of the people it’s easy to potentially lose someone.  It’s best to have just 1-3 people unless your group is good at sticking together.

3.  Vendors – Prior to the show, review the vendor list.  This will help you map out your plan of attack and that way you will make sure to talk to the vendors you’d REALLY like to check out.

4.  Address Labels – Print out your name and contact info (phone/email) plus your wedding date on address labels.  You can use the labels when you are registering for all the FREE giveaway’s.  You may also want to consider creating an email just for your wedding planning.  That keeps things all together in one inbox instead of mixing in with your personal email.

5.  Bring pen or sticker to mark the vendors you liked the best – Once you get home and start looking through all the documentation that you received, it easy to get confused on which cake lady you liked the best!  So have a pen or star sticker or some other marker so that you can mark your favorites during the show.  When you get home – you can then concentrate on those vendors and discard the rest.

6.  BRIDE sticker.  Wear it!  You will get the special treatment from the vendors then.

7.  HAVE FUN!  Enjoy the excitement!  You don’t have to make any decisions that day.  So just make connections with your vendors and enjoy it.

We hope to see you at the Bridal Shows!  There is one on Sunday 1/13 at Hy-Vee Conference Center on Westown Pkwy, West Des Moines.  It the biggest one of the year!  So be ready…  See you there!



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