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Introducing… Sampson, our Little Giant

Who would have thought that our weekend would have been so packed?  We had a wedding get rescheduled to 2011 and so found ourselves with a FREE weekend.  A rare occurrence during the wedding season!  We had to make a very hard, heart-breaking decision with our dog, Diesel.  And I’ll write an entire post to his memory in a few days.

But this post is about our new addition!  We are happy to introduce you to our baby Bull-mastiff – SAMPSON!  We’ll let you take a look at the pictures to decide for yourself.  How can you not LOVE that face?  He is a real sweetie right now.  We are thrilled to have him in our lives.  Who would have known that this little guy would work his way into our hearts so quick?  He weighs 16 lbs and is 7.5 weeks old.  His Mom weighs 99 lbs and his Dad is 120 lbs.  So we are looking at a lot of doggie love here!

  We had a great roadtrip to Carl Junction, MO – CJ BullMastiff

Well, I’m sure we will have more posts about Sampson in the future.  We start puppy kindergarton class at the ARL on August 31st!  Wish us luck!!!  If you have a dog and haven’t taken them to a Good Manners class – we HIGHLY recommend it!  After all, the dog is going to have to survive in our Human world – so why not help him be as successful as possible?  One way to do that, is to go to a class that teaches you as the human how to best interact with your dog.  Dogs need some basic rules and boundaries.  And what better way to learn then to attend a class, where there are about 10 other doggies that are trying to teach their humans the same thing! 

Check back wtih us soon to see if we survived…



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