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New York City July 2014 – Red Door Photo and Design

We’ll start out by saying this is our first summer trip EVER in 8 years! We decided last year that we should reserve some time off for ourselves during our crazy time! So it is finally here and we had a great time!

First time ever going to NYC for me! Paul’s 3rd. But it was an exciting trip for both of us as we both were able to do things that we’ve never done before. First off…. the SUBWAY! Let’s just say that I’ve watched too many movies… the subway made me a little hesitant at first but after a few times we became real pros. It was our main mode of transportation and most new yorkers were more than willing to help us find our way.

Day 1 – Empire State Building. Weather was a little crazy on our first night. A HUGE thunderstorm came in and just poured. Our location? Top of the Empire State Building! The perfect place for 2 photographers that wanted to capture some unique photos. The security guards made us come inside once the lightning started to hit closer to the building. But we waited it out – and the results are some of the photos you see below. Great first night.

Day 2 – Lady Liberty – The Statue of Liberty! OK – so we’ve all seen photos of the statue of liberty. She’s a BIG deal for our country and freedom. And I can’t believe what a proud feeling I had once I saw her in person. She’s strong. Standing in the harbor. Her face is beautiful but also fierce. Proud to have this lady representing us when people came to USA. We didn’t get a change to go in the statue so will have to make another trip to make it up to the crown. 150 steps. Spiral staircase. I see a workout in my future.

That night we had another HUGE rainstorm! Flash flooding that caused the manhole covers to fly in the air! Paul and I decided to stay at the hotel. Which then allowed us to get these amazing shots…. Can anyone say Gotham City? ☺ This is the Freedom Tower which was right outside our hotel window. Probably one of our most favorite photos from the trip.

Day 3 – 4th of July! Yes NYC puts on a show! But before the fireworks we did the Brooklyn Bridge/DUMBO tour. For those that don’t know – the Brooklyn Bridge was the first bridge built between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Our guide told us all about how it was built – and let’s just say those guys were TOUGH! You’ll see the awesome arches in the below photos. And then DUMBO is the neighborhood at the end of the bridge. It is filled with art studios and cool restaurants. We ate at “Just Fine” which was FANTASTIC! Then decided that even though it was raining – we would venture out to save our spot for the fireworks. So that meant going at 3:30 PM for the 9:30 PM fireworks. We were able to have a front row seat at the Brooklyn Bridge Park which allowed us to face the Manhattan skyline. And of course being 6 hours early to the fireworks meant you got to know you neighbors. And ours just happened to be from…. IOWA! Yep – wherever we go…. We ALWAYS run into cool Iowans. It made for the afternoon to go fairly quick. And the fireworks…. Well they were awesome! Paul shot most of the fireworks with his Fisheye Lens. That way he could get almost the entire skyline plus fireworks in his shot. We are very happy with how these turned out.

Day 4 – Museum and Bus Day! We had a pass to hop on and off a double decker bus. We would highly recommend doing this as you can get a GREAT overview of the city and then go back and hit the areas you liked the most. We took the bus to the Natural History Museum which was filled with elephants, dinosaurs and whales… This was my first time seeing a dinosaur. WOW! Impressive.

Rockefeller Center – we also visited Rockefeller Center and did the Top of the Rock – which just means that you can go to the top of the Rockefeller Center. Lots of people do this instead of Empire State Building because the line doesn’t tend to be as long. We had to wait 2 hours – but it was pretty beautiful at 10:30 PM.

Day 5 – Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown. Culture day! LOL! Quite a diverse amount of people in a really little area. We also witnessed the Cro-Nut. Not sure what that is? A croissant made like a doughnut. They say they are amazing. Didn’t have one. The line went around the block.

Times Square. We saved our night photos for Times Square on a Sunday thinking that – oh it won’t be as busy. Hmmmm… not sure about that! But Paul got some cool shots using the tripod with taxis rushing by.

Day 6 – 911 Tribute. Unbelievable. What a solemn place. Can’t explain it in words. You’ll have to experience it for yourself. Then ended the day with a cruise around the lower ½ of Manhattan.

So that’s it! ☺ Now we’re ready for a vacation!!! Enjoy the photos and hopefully this post can help any of you thinking about a trip to NYC. We’ll be there again in June 2015 for Sarah and John’s wedding! CAN’T WAIT!!!!



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  • July 10, 2014 - 2:52 AM

    Nancy Lesher Dunfee - Thanks for sharing your amazing viewsReplyCancel

  • July 24, 2014 - 1:46 AM

    Paula Hanke - Awesome work…..I recognized so many places where I’ve been….these brought back so many memories

  • July 24, 2014 - 1:46 AM

    Paula Hanke - Awesome work…..I recognized so many places where I’ve been….these brought back so many memories

  • March 26, 2016 - 6:03 AM

    AlfredLop - Кто не занимался сексом на в лесу?! Погляди как это делают другие в порно на природе и вспомни свои эротические приключения на природеReplyCancel

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