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Sampson… he’s growing!

Sampson is now 10 weeks old and weighs 25 lbs. We started puppy training classes. Let’s just say that Sam is very focused and motivated by food. He does the best “sit” ever when he knows we have Bil Jac liver treats in our hand. He will also come running across the yard if he knows those liver treats are close by… Now time to work on him doing these things even if the treats are not near by… hmmm…. this is definitely a process! But he is still super cute – see pics below to see if you agree!

We also believe that Sam has figured it out that people will always stop to pet him. It has gotten so crazy that now when we are on a walk if he sees someone coming towards us he will sit in the grass waiting for them to stop and give him some LOVE. Too crazy! But it did really throw him for a loop the other day when we met a lady on the sidewalk and she didn’t stop. He was pretty miffed that she just kept walking. Anyway, we are loving him to death. He is a real sweetie! We’ll keep posting his progress on here. We will keep using the pillow so that we can tell how big he is getting. It is unbelievable how fast he is growing right now!



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